Tiny Tyler – Home Alone

MI5uEGKmfM Every teenage girl wants to have sex. The problem is that they have been pressured not to have it through fear and intimidation. They are bombarded with stats on STD’s and teen pregnancy. Unfortunately for their parents, every girl succumbs to the natural feelings they are having.

Tiny Tyler is no different than most teenage girls. Sure, some girls blossom at an early age and have C-cups by the time they graduate high school. Not so with Tyler and her other small tits compatriots!

Some guys think big tits means more hormones and more sex. Wrong!

Girls like Tiny Tyler are actually more apt to give up their young pussy because they long for cock since they don’t get it as often. Once they bite the big cock bug they find that their fingers or a magic marker don’t cut it anymore. They need a big juicy serving of man meat to cure their cravings.

While she may be home alone, that isn’t the way it needs to be. Tiny Tyler would love to have you come over and cure her craving for cock. Are you man enough? If you get a Tiny Teen Pass you can enjoy Tyler and eleven of her friends for one low price. Still man enough?

Then get the pass!

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