Natalie E. From Femjoy

Natalie Femjoy

I write a lot about Tiny Tyler here since the blog is practically devoted to her teenage sexual experiences. Today it is time to change things up and talk about another girl with small tits. Her name is Natalie and her blue eyes have me jerking my cock twenty-four-seven.

Natalie has a total girl next door look with a Mid-West flair about her. Her body is so petite that it creates an illusion of her boobs looking downright big on her. I assure you though, they still fit perfectly into the palms of your hands.

The picture above is from Femjoy. It is just a sample and it has more samples if you click on it. The full size Natalie Femjoy pics are much bigger. Big enough, in fact, for you to be able to count every hair follicle on this little hottie.

One spot you won’t be counting those follicles on is her sweet little pussy. I don’t know if they shave with a five blade razor over there or if they just wax it, but the girls are smooth as silk.

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