Ginger Lee Shows Off Her Shaved Pink Pussy

ALSSCAN Ginger Lee

I remember back in the day when ALS Scan started. Most people might think the site began in 1996, but that was just its internet presence. Before that it existed as a BBS where you had to have some real computer skills to call in with your computers modem and use the xmodem/ymodem protocols to download the "scanned" photos of ladies who were "shaved" completely bare.

Back then the idea of a smooth pussy was kind of foreign to a lot of people. These days girls wouldn’t dare walk around with stinky, smelly pussy hair. This guy should be credited with having started the shaving trend that is just finally catching on today.

You don’t have to wait 30 minutes to download one grainy GIF photo of a hot babe like Ginger Lee these days. Back then if you got disconnected you had to start all over again. Now you can download entire photo sets in seconds.

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Little Girl Brushing Her Teeth


Lil Maya is such a little princess. She never really grew up like the other girls her age. She is barely legal and just finally started growing some boobies so she often still wears her training bras!

In this episode you get to watch this little teen girl brushing her teeth. Wow. I never knew watching a girl brush her teeth could be so fucking erotic!

First you get to see her in her cute print panties and bra. Then she starts brushing her teeth with a froth of toothpaste that looks remarkably like cum!

Your cum!

In her mouth!


The toothpaste gets so frothy that she can’t hold it all in and some dribbles down her chin. If she were a guy, it’d be gross, but she is a girl so it is hawt and sexy!


Lil Maya finishes by showing you her cum soaked tongue before gargling with some water. I have to be honest. Watching her spit what looks like cum out of her mouth is also plenty worth the price of admission!

Before she settles into a corner of her bathtub to masturbate with the shower massager, Lil Maya shaves her teen pussy bare. Once that is done she checks the oil and then squirts it all super clean.

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Little Summer Kissing Practice

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Little Cutie

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Tiny Tyler – Chloe 18 – Shower

chloe-18_tiny-tyler-shower If there is one thing I hope I never get tired off doing it is watching teens take showers. Girls like Chloe 18 above have perfect bodies. Her small tits are pert and firm. Just like her little ass. Everything from her arms to her legs are perfectly proportioned. Like an Angel on Earth.

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