Little Cutie

Taking a vacation can be expensive. It can also be a drain on your free time. Not just the time spent away, but the time spent in the “getting away”. Tiny Tyler is like a mini-vacation you can turn on and off as you need it and getting away only takes a few mouse clicks and one dollar!

Unlike most vacations, a Tiny Teen Pass allows you to jump in and out of mini-vacations as you please. You can start with Tiny Tyler on Friday night, move on to Little Summer if you have some free time on Saturday afternoon and then take or Kacey 18 or Chloe 18 or… the list goes on… out for a Saturday night!

While Cancun and Vegas are fighting over you, and you aren’t exactly able to hop from one to the other quickly, Little Lupe and Tiny Tabby are only mouse clicks away from each other and they don’t mind sharing!

Watch the Tiny Tyler video above and begin your own mini-vacation right now!