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Tiny Tyler masturbating with a mascara bottle

I am fairly certain there is a conspiracy at foot when it comes to the shapes of the various containers for female beauty products. Take mascara bottles. They are perfect for girls coming of age to put in their pussies to satisfy the curiosity of how far things can go in there. After that they usually graduate to hairbrushes and shampoo bottles.

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Tiny Tyler Schoolgirl Sex


Talk about having your way with a barely legal schoolgirl! Yes, his face is being blurred to protect the guilty! LOL!

Tiny Tyler is one of those barely legal teen sluts that doesn’t need a bra because her small tits are super perky. She has a kickass little body and she knows it too. You can catch Tyler showing it off while walking on her way home from school. She accepts rides from older men and always pays them back!


One of Tiny Tyler‘s favorite ways to pay a guy back for picking her up is to give him a blowjob. She is just learning to deep throat, but she has the whole, keeping the hand moving while sucking the top thing down pat.


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You haven’t been with a girl with this kind of body since high school. That’s because Tiny Tyler was still a senior in high school when she started shooting for her site!

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Little Cutie

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Got an 18 year old girlfriend with small tits that likes to pull her panties up into her crack? Me neither… But that doesn’t mean you have to put your dreams on hold… Tiny Tyler is plenty willing to be that girlfriend for you and she is just about as kinky as they come.

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Tiny Tyler – Anti-Fuddy-Duddy


Did you end up with a fuddy-duddy? A girl or a woman that doesn’t masturbate, doesn’t do anal, doesn’t give blowjobs (worth a damn) and when it comes to sex, she sticks to the script? Well, Tiny Tyler is here to change all of that!

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Tiny Tyler – Masturbating Naughty


Do you want to know how you can tell if a girl is really naughty or just trying to relieve some sexual tension? It all boils down to how she masturbates, or rather, what she wears while she is doing it. If the answer is just her bootie socks, she is a naughty girl!

Tiny Tyler is one example of a naughty girl. A premium example. I wish I could get naked with her and suck on those little tits of hers. Rub her clit real soft and give her a nice orgasm. Maybe even get her hot enough she will want to fuck me!

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This looks like a great place to park it for a bit. Two hot teen lesbians squaring off. Sizing each other up. Licking their lips in anticipation of tasting some sweet nectar.

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Tiny Tyler – Like a Virgin


One look at Tiny Tyler and her barely legal body and it is hard to imagine this girl isn’t a virgin. She has a tiny little slit just big enough to fit your cock. So tight it is almost too painful to cum! Tyler has small tits that are just barely budding. All of the hallmarks of a virgin.

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Tiny Tyler


Tired of the same old thing? Fake reality site pickups of supposedly teenage girls… Tiny Tyler is here to change your views on teenage porn. You can watch the Tiny Tyler videos above and instantly see this girl is truly barely legal and she doesn’t need to act out some lame scripts. Her life is already sexy enough!

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