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6 Common Questions to Ask When Buying a Sex Doll

When buying a sex doll, buyers tend to contact those who have already purchased dolls to find out how to buy a sex doll, what parameters to check, and what regulations to be aware of, etc. But this is no longer the case, if you are planning to buy a sex doll and are worried about how you can choose the right one, the following sex doll guide from will help you.

Listed below are the most common and important questions that you must know when buying sex dolls online.

Question.1: What are the general materials used to make the dolls?

It is very important to understand the materials used in the manufacture of sex dolls. Usually, TPE and silicone are the two most dominant materials used to make dolls. If you do not know the difference between the dolls, you can ask customer service to send you the details of the relevant parameters. Both materials, silicone and TPE, are soft to the touch for dolls. However, TPE is softer than the silicone material dolls. Therefore, if you want the doll’s skin to be soft as a feather, it is recommended to choose a doll made of TPE material.

Question.2: Are the joints of the sex doll flexible?

Many customers may need to pose the love doll in different positions for photography. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your sex doll can withstand the daily stress. The doll’s joints must be flexible enough to try a variety of poses that match your inspiration. Therefore, before buying, you need to communicate with the manufacturer what metal the doll’s skeleton is, whether the skin is flexible enough, etc.

Question.3: What is the size and height of the doll?

Before buying a doll, be sure to check the size and height of the doll, which depends entirely on your needs. Make sure that you need just the torso, a mini sex doll or a life-size 1:1 scale sex doll. Most customers prefer to buy a full size super realistic adult sex dolls for a more realistic experience. Full body size dolls are heavy boned and usually weigh 25KG – 60KG by size, so if you don’t care that much about weight and want an ultra-life-like experience and have enough space to store it, make sure you buy a life size ultra-real sex doll.

Question.4: Can I customize sex doll?

Most brands offer a customization service to help you tailor a unique doll to your needs and preferences. For example, can make an exact replica of the doll from the picture you provide, but of course you must make sure the picture is not infringing. They also offer other customization options for existing dolls, these customization options include in hair color and style, nail type, nail color, skin tone, pupil color, pubic hair style, areola size and color, the freedom to match different doll heads and bodies, etc.

Question.5: Do dolls come in different body types?

This question is related to the one mentioned above. When checking the customization options, please don’t forget to check or ask customer service if the doll can match different body shapes and sizes. Different people have different preferences. Some people prefer an hourglass shape body and large breast, while others prefer a pear shape and thick thighs.

Question.6: What is the shipping cost?

Communicating about shipping costs beforehand is very helpful to know the total cost of purchasing a doll. Some stores may ask to cover part of the shipping cost, but most of them offer free economy shipping on the first purchase. Therefore, it is obvious that choosing the latter may be ideal for saving money on your shopping expenses. For example, offers free economical shipping for all dolls.

A quality realistic full body size adult sex doll can satisfy many of your needs. Therefore, when you plan to bring it home, make sure you choose the type of doll you need carefully. To learn more about love dolls or to buy a adult sex doll online, you can visit, they are a professional reliable online one-stop shop for buying affordable sex dolls that offers 400+ dolls in various body types, as well as free and authoritative doll buying advice.