Tiny Tyler – Just Listening to Music


When her parents left for their night on the town, their daughter Tiny Tyler was “just listening to music” on her new “mvp” player… or whatever those kids call it. Little did they know she has her own web site and that a few hundred guys would be over that night to pay her a cyber-visit!

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Tiny Tyler – Show Off


Like most girls just coming into their sexuality, Tiny Tyler likes to experiment with new things. Today she got home from school and invited her boyfriend over to do some of the things she has seen on the Internet.

Tyler’s parents forbid her from going to those bad sites, but her curiosity got the best of her. Just like when she wanted to see what a boys penis looked like. Mom said no, but nature said, “You go girl!”

On the screen the girl bent over and let the guy put his cock into her tight butt. It looked painful at first, but Tiny Tyler could tell this girl really liked it. The girl on the screen had lots of anal sex videos so Tyler figured it must be fun.

Being a good guy her boyfriend was all too happy to oblige her. First, she sucked his cock and got it really moist. Once his precum was oozing out she knew it would lubricate itself in her tiny butt hole. It took some hip movements and shimmying around for her hole to loosen up enough to take his meaty cock inside.

Once she had a dick in her ass for the first time it was like a light went on. Tiny Tyler realized her mom and pretty much every other adult in her life were liars. From now on she was going to try everything they were trying to keep her from experiencing!

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Tiny Tyler – Home Alone

MI5uEGKmfM Every teenage girl wants to have sex. The problem is that they have been pressured not to have it through fear and intimidation. They are bombarded with stats on STD’s and teen pregnancy. Unfortunately for their parents, every girl succumbs to the natural feelings they are having.

Tiny Tyler is no different than most teenage girls. Sure, some girls blossom at an early age and have C-cups by the time they graduate high school. Not so with Tyler and her other small tits compatriots!

Some guys think big tits means more hormones and more sex. Wrong!

Girls like Tiny Tyler are actually more apt to give up their young pussy because they long for cock since they don’t get it as often. Once they bite the big cock bug they find that their fingers or a magic marker don’t cut it anymore. They need a big juicy serving of man meat to cure their cravings.

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Tiny Tyler – Chloe 18 – Shower

chloe-18_tiny-tyler-shower If there is one thing I hope I never get tired off doing it is watching teens take showers. Girls like Chloe 18 above have perfect bodies. Her small tits are pert and firm. Just like her little ass. Everything from her arms to her legs are perfectly proportioned. Like an Angel on Earth.

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